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Pocket Shot Custom Arrows (3 Pack)


Custom Pocket Shot Arrows (3 Pack ) specially designed for optimal performance with the Pocket Shot, arrow pouch and whisker cap.  These arrows are 29 inches in length. Low profile feather fletchings with reinforced wrap, weight and length make them ideal for shooting with the Arrow Pouch. Includes 3 bullet tips.

Arrows should be fired using the Arrow-Pouch and Whisker-Biscuit attachment on your Pocket-Shot (available separately).  Please note these are a single piece arrow and are not 'take-down' arrows.


  • 3 x Custom Pocket-Shot 29" Arrows
  • 3 x Bullet Tips
  • Free Nock caps


Please note, arrows are fragile and should be handled with care, utmost care should be used when shooting arrows to ensure no harm to persons, animals or property.  Arrows should be used with appropriate targets.  There are no returns on arrows.  By purchasing arrows you agree to these conditions.