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Pocket Shot Survival Kit with Carry Case


The Pocket-Shot and Survival Kit in one handy compact Case!

The Pocket Shot survival kit comes with a standard orange Pocket-Shot with a black zipper case and extra Pro 2.0 pouch!

The tough black zipper case holds a Pocket-Shot, spare pouch and a survival kit in a metal tin and only weighs 246g, a carabiner allows the case to be secured to the outside of you pack for quick access.

This kit has enough contents for any wilderness survival trip, hunt, fish, have fun!

The Survival Zip Case holds everything you need, the survival can also works great to store and carry your Pocket Shot ammo.

  • Pocket-Shot (Orange)
  • Spare Blue Pro 2.0 Pouch
  • Survival Kit Tin (contents below...)
  • Survival Zipper Case with carabiner clip
    Survival Kit Contents
  • 5/16 steel ammo (x30)
  • Heavy foil emergency blanket
  • Firestarting Flint and Striker
  • Compass
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Cotton Firestarting Tinder
  • Wire Survival Saw
  • Razor
  • Safety pins (x2)
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing hooks
  • Rubber worm fishing bait