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Slingshot Quik-Clip Ammo Pouch

Slingshot Quik-Clip Ammo Pouch

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This durable black nylon pouch is a handy way to carry some slingshot ammo. It clips quickly to your belt and you can shoot and grab ammo with the pouch open for fast target fun.

With storage for 100+ BBs comfortably you can carry enough ammo for a quick plink on your travels. Clip it to your pocket or bag, it's even compact enough to slip into your trouser or jacket pocket. The thick durable material dampens any sound for your stealth maneuvers.

Complete with 50 8mm Slingshot Ammo to get you started!

  • Material: Durable black nylon
  • Carabiner clip
  • Black durable zipper
  • Dimensions: 70mm Diameter, only 30mm thick when filled with 100 ammo
  • Depth: Approx 15mm when empty and 30mm filled with 100 x 8mm ammo
  • Capacity: 100+ 8mm Slingshot ammo
  • 50 8mm Slingshot Ammo included
  • Made in the EU
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