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Slingshot Leather Ammo Wallet

Slingshot Leather Ammo Wallet

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This finely crafted leather pouch is a handy and classy way to carry some slingshot ammo.

With storage for 50 BBs comfortably or 70+ at a push you can carry enough ammo for a quick plink on your travels. With its soft leather and triangular shape it slips easily into a trouser or jacket pocket. These are a perfect accessory for you Pocket-Shot and make a great gift.

Complete with 50 8mm Slingshot Ammo to get you started!

  • Material: Brown Leather
  • Fastener: Antique Bronze finish button
  • Dimensions: Each side is approx 92mm
  • Depth: Approx 15mm when empty and 25mm when full
  • Capacity: 50 8mm Slingshot ammo or 70+ at a squeeze
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