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The Pocket HAMMER (Full Kit) ORANGE

The Pocket HAMMER (Full Kit) ORANGE

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The Pocket-Hammer Full Kit contains the Pocket-Shot and a Hammer Handle along with everything you need to shoot arrows.

This kit gives you everything you need to shoot slingshot ammo and arrows...

The Pocket Hammer Handle is the perfect addition to the Pocket-Shot, designed by SimpleShot to create a traditional slingshot feel to the Pocket Shot for better stability, accuracy and more power.

The Pocket HAMMER (Full Kit) includes:
1 Hammer handle
1 Pocket-Shot (Orange)
1 Pro Pouch
1 Standard Pouch
3 Arrow Pouches
1 Arrow Cap (Orange)
​4 Arrow nock covers

NOTE: Pictures show the Black kit, this kit includes an Orange Pocket-Shot and Orange Arrow Cap.  Black kit is also available.

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