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The Pocket-Shot 8mm (5/16") steel slingshot ammo (100)

The Pocket-Shot 8mm (5/16") steel slingshot ammo (100)

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8mm (5/16") Steel Slingshot Ammo for the Pocket Shot (100)

  • 8mm (5/16") High Quality Steel Ammo (BBs)
  • Quantity 100
  • Suitable for The Pocket Shot Slingshot
  • Bulk packed

SAFETY INFORMATION - The Pocket Shot is a powerful slingshot designed for target practice fun, always ensure you shoot safely and be aware that shot can travel a considerable distance. Never aim or shoot at a person or animal. Inspect the Pocket Shot before use as with time the materials will wear, replace the frame or pouch if worn. The Pocket Shot is designed to shoot paintballs, airsoft pellets and slingshot ammo only. Safety eye-wear is recommended. Do not shoot at a hard surface or water as ammo may ricochet and hit something or someone. Be safe and have fun.

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